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(mis)Guided by the Spirit?
18 great quotes from Christian mystics
A message to those following this blog
Acquiring the Spirit of God
All content opened
All is NOT one
Apologetics and faith
Are Christians immoral?
Are there pure experiences? (a.k.a, mistakes epistemologists make)
Are you a heretic?
Are you a mystic?
Are you powerless?
Are you significant?
Are you taking the easy approach?
Bearded man in the sky: A false dilemma
Begin the Beguine
Begin the Beguine (Christian Mysticism and Zen)
Being hardly sorry
Being one with God
Biblical directive or social engineering?
Blinded by science
Book launch & introduction
Choose your anxiety
Christian Mysticism
Christian contemplation
Christian mysticism
Climbing the ladder to God
Coming out of hiding (this is not in the book)
Communicating the incommunicable
Complaint department for atheists
Conclusions and goals: A response to a reader
Consciousness, the Self and Freedom
Deeper Christianity: On not being absurd
Did the Holy Spirit abandon Jesus on the cross?
Discussion board
Divine apprehension?
Dogmatic relativism
Dont throw out the baby with the bathwater
Experiencing life w/o commentary
Experiencing life without commentary
Faith, truth and certainty
Gnostic particles
God is ineffable
God is not God: Entification, reification and existence
God is not Love
God is not a category
Good for a ride
Head chatter
Hegel & The Phenomenology of Spirit
Hey, Jesus: whats taking you so long?
Holy Wisdom vs the Holy Spirit
How vs. Why
I am here for your souls: The quest for certainty
If you let Jesus take the wheel wont you crash the car?
In my own way
In the beginning was Heraclitus
Inducing God
Is a coronation just putting on a hat?
Jesus the Planner
Jesuss dying words
Judgment, Conclusion
Judgment, Part 1
Judgment, Part 2
Judgment, Part 3
Judgment, Part 4
Judgment, Part 5
Language, thought, and the experience of God
Let the dead bury the dead: Religious organizations and the death of the Spirit
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Living and dying via social acceptance (AKA Give us Barabbas!)
Logic can not help you
MARK 1:1-13
Magic words, Hamlet, and Jazz
Make me one with everything
Minds are made to express beauty
Mystics are hard to understand
Negative theology
Negative theology – What God isnt
Noetics and Poetics
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OMG you have a hole in your hand
OMG! Youve got a hole in your hand
On Being Self-Conscious
On Postmodernism: Your truth, my truth means no truth
On being self-conscious
On celebrity ministers
On the logical necessity of mysticism– Part 1
On the logical necessity of mysticism– Part 2
On virginity
Over ecumenicalism
Philosophical therapy
Reading List
Running out of future
Saint Paul was not a Christian
Saved by the well
Saved by the well: Understanding The Gospel of John as allegory
Scaring the hell out of children
Scientific truth is asymptotic
Sren Kierkegaard: Taking no thought for the morrow
St. Paul the marketeer
St. Seraphim: Acquiring the Spirit of God
Subjectivity, passion and faith
Suicide is Painless
Tears in Rain
Tears in rain
The Catholic Mass as symbol
The Council of Nicaea: Consensus vs. Truth
The Dilemma of Human Suffering
The God Problem
The Mob vs. The Messiah
The Tao of Christianity, Chapter 1
The Tao of Christianity, Chapter 17
The Tao of Christianity, Chapter 2
The Tao of Christianity, Chapter 24
The Tao of Christianity, Chapter 8
The Thing That Thought Can Not Think (Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard)
The kingdom of God is nowhere
The kingdom of God is within you
The ladder for ascending to God
The original Lord of Light
The perfection of everything
The quest for certainty
The sounds of silence
The thing that thought cannot think
The tyranny of tomorrow
The web of belief
The web of belief, part 1
The web of belief, part 2
Thought and Language
Thoughts and Prayers
Thoughts and prayers
Turning the other cheek is not a passive act
Wait till your father gets home!
Was there a Passover Plot?
What is Gods will?
What is Truth?
What the hell?
What this site is about
When Jesus became Christ
When someone asks if youre a god, you say YES.
Why Christianity is worth saving
Why God necessarily exists
Why Wittgenstein?
Why early church history matters
Why facts have no bearing whatsoever on religious belief
Why mystics are hard to understand
Why say God?
Why the concept of the Trinity is meaningless
Why we need religious education
Wittgenstein, Lao Tsu and the logical necessity of mysticism
Wittgenstein: Logician and Mystic
You dont have to justify your faith to anyone, especially not yourself
Your Bible Contains Mistakes
Your truth, my truth means no truth

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