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9 thoughts on “Comments & Questions

  1. I’ve been on this journey for some time now. Finding others out here is pretty rare. Or maybe my eyes haven’t fully adjusted to the light. I believe in the father, the sons (especially Jesus!), and the holy spirit. That’s way more than a trinity!
    Do you get that?

  2. I haven’t read all of your articles yet so perhaps you have addressed this. What is Jesus’ mission? Why is he important? Is Jesus necessary?

  3. Your posts about the symbolism of words have been a great help to a friend of mine. Early is his faith he followed the spirit of God. But he was seduced by cognitive religion and the need to believe the right “truth” before anyone would let you participate in their kingdom. Your writings and thoughts are freeing him from these chains so he can begin to hear God again. Thanks

  4. A suggestion for topic of discussion as to how certain key words shape western religious practice. The Greek word is “metanio”. There are many including Martin Luther that believe there is no real English translation for this word. In Martin Luther’s case this started with the its use and translation to “penance”. This is a clear case of how symbolism inherent in words shapes (and reshapes) belief systems. According to Wikipedia there are whole books dedicated to this word. My questions is not about the word “metanoia” in itself. The issue is the symbolism it represents and how it shapes religions that call themselves evangelistic in thought and doctrine.

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