One of the main arguments against any religious belief is that it “isn’t scientific.” Not very often does anyone reply “well, why should it be?”

Take a quick inventory of what makes life worthwhile: spending time with family & friends, being in love, scaling a mountain, eating chocolate cake, etc. None of these things is scientific. Anyone who tries to reduce (for example) romantic love to science is missing the whole point.

For a lot of people, one of the things that makes life worthwhile is their faith. They would no sooner give up their faith than they would betray their soul mate. So, why should you have to justify your faith based on science when no one asks you to justify your love? (Well, except Madonna…)

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Justify My Love — Madonna

One reason for this, I think, is that some people feel threatened by religious faith — perhaps they feel like they’re missing out on something and so they act childishly (“Well, I didn’t want that stupid chocolate cake anyway!”). Some other people just lack the temperament to open themselves to an experience without a proof or an explanation.

If you have faith, good for you! It’s not all you need for justification* (the concept of sola fide is a mistake), but without faith you will never experience God.

* See what I did there? 😇