My question is about the path you allude to in In My Own Way. I am curious about the destination you have in mind when you talk about the path. Have you arrived at conclusion(s) on your journey? What is the ultimate goal of your journey?

A reader

I think that this quotation really does sum up my own journey:

“Acquiring the Spirit of God is the true aim of our Christian life, while prayer, fasting, almsgiving and other good works done for Christ’s sake are merely means for acquiring the Spirit of God.”

(Saint) Seraphim of Sarov, On the Acquisition of the Holy Spirit

I’ve spent a lifetime studying everything from western philosophy to Buddhism to Taoism and many other belief systems. Like so many people, I was looking for answers everywhere but under my nose. Having been brought up Catholic, I used to think I understood “all that stuff” but later realized that I still maintained a child’s view of Christianity. I then set out to find out everything I could about the history and deeper meaning of the faith and came to my conclusions some years ago about it.

More recently I had occasion to discuss these topics with some friends of mine and began to realize that most people are not aware of the what is known as “Christian Spirituality” – it’s funny in a way, because the term is so generic that everyone assumes that (a) they know what it means, and (b) they are already practicing it (if they consider themselves to be Christian).

At the urging of some folks, I decided to try to write down what I had learned – with some hope that it might help people on a quest similar to mine. I guess that the combination of early mystical experiences and decades of studying the history of Christian thought gives me a somewhat unique view about human nature and our connection to God.

To answer your questions directly:

  • I have arrived at conclusions; they are laced throughout the blog and the book. Conclusions, however, are always subject to modification if enough new evidence is encountered.
  • My ultimate goal is union with God. I mostly feel like Adam in The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo: Forever just short of touching the hand of God.

Thanks for the question; I hope I answered it adequately!

Michelangelo / Public domain