Hi there!

So, I’ve been making posts to this blog thinking that everyone was getting them, but it turns out not to be the case 😦

If you’ve been wondering what happened to this blog, please read on!

To update everyone:

  • The book is out and available on Amazon. It contains re-worked (and hopefully better) versions of the “beta versions” that I posted here all last year. The book is the lowest price Amazon will let me make it and still hit all of the sales areas. I make the Kindle version available for free periodically, and I will make an announcement when this happens.
  • I’ve also made a shorter “sample chapters” version of the book which I’m primarily using as a “get acquainted” mailer for potential speaking engagements, but also at the lowest possible cost on Amazon (.99 on Kindle). I also plan to make this free every once in awhile.
  • The updated essays are now being posted to the site in the order that they are in the book. It turns out that people following the blog are not notified when this happens, and so you may have thought there was no activity on the site. Not so! Hopefully you will start getting these announcements starting now.
  • There is a link on the site for people to sign up to get a free paperback copy of the book. If you’re interested, please sign up — it will help me to know that someone is out there!
  • I also plan to make a free version of the entire book available to everyone who follows this blog. More on this soon!

A lot of people helped me to make my writing more effective and to properly communicate what I am trying to say. They are thanked in the book. I really think that the essays are now more cohesive than before, where I was writing more-or-less stream of consciousness previously.

As always, I’m looking forward to anything you’d like to share — thoughts, complaints, etc. Please use the “About and Contact” page (https://atomic-temporary-133028589.wpcomstaging.com/about-contact/) for best results.

May the Spirit of God be with you!