Thus does God, when he raises a soul to union with himself, suspend the natural action of all her faculties. She neither sees, hears, nor understands, so long as she is united with God. But this time is always short, and it seems even shorter than it is. God establishes himself in the interior of this soul in such a way, that when she returns to herself, it is wholly impossible for her to doubt that she has been in God, and God in her.

Saint Theresa

You may have had a mystical experience and not known it. During a crisis have you ever become suddenly calm – assured somehow that things were undoubtedly right with the world? While working or performing a favorite pastime, have you ever had the feeling that the work was being done for you – without your conscious participation? Have you come to a sudden realization that you knew something that you had no reason to know? Have you ever felt or even heard a sourceless warning which saved you from harm? While walking through the woods or looking out over a scenic vista, have you ever known that you belonged in and were an integral part of the universe? Have you ever spoken to God? Many people have these experiences – imagine existing in a state where these things are commonplace events in your everyday life.

TAKE AWAY: Remain open to the idea that God is talking to you. Shut up and listen!