And John appeared from the desert saying
All the people should surely start praying.

The Kingdom of God will soon be at hand,
As Moses was led to the promised land.

“Change your heart, and repent, and be baptized
Come to God to get all your sins excised.”

Unlike the priests, he demanded no money,
He lived just on locusts and uncooked honey.

From far and wide they came just to listen,
Ending up in what is now called “to Christen.”

“Another will come, more holy than I,
For whose sandals I am not fit to tie.

“I baptize with water in the dessert heat,
But he will baptize with the paraclete.”

On the bank of the river, under a tree
Stood a man named Jesus, from Galilee.

Jesus listened, he had been there awhile,
And what John had said, gave him a sad smile.

He stepped up and into that shibboleth,
Not knowing he was taking steps toward his death.

He waited in line, as others had done,
Though soon to be named God’s favorite son.

He stepped up to John, the water was spilled,
So that the scriptures would be fulfilled.

The heavens, they opened, for all to see,
Sun shining on this man from Galilee.

Sounding like thunder, though no rain had been teased,
“This is my son, in whom I’m well pleased.”

Although not everyone there could hear it,
Jesus was now infused with the Spirit.

No words were needed, the torch was now passed,
Sadly for John, the die was now cast.

Knowing God was with him, without any doubt,
Into the desert, Jesus ventured out.

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