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Do you “wish you could believe”? Then maybe this site is for you.

Most people are taught what I refer to as the “naïve art ” version of Christianity — filled with superficial metaphors and childlike simplicity.

I don’t know your background, but what you’ve been told about Jesus and the New Testament is probably wrong.

If you want to explore Christian Spirituality without checking your brain at the door, I invite you to read some of these posts. Take a look at the category links either to the right (web site) or at the bottom (on a mobile device). A good place to start is the “Popular” link.

I always try to quote from original sources; I actually hope that you will find an idea that intrigues you and follow up by reading some of the originals. These works stand the test of time and the sieve of experience for a reason.

My purpose in writing these short blog posts is to help people to realize that there is a whole history of thoughtful, relevant and God-inspired works that are not taught in most churches. The Christianity you’ve been taught is probably wrong.

I’m sure that many people will disagree; it’s nice to know that true Christianity allows you to do that. To the extent that the conversation remains civil and well-informed, I am happy to post your comments. I will even be happy to have someone write a “guest blog post” if they wish.

May the Spirit of God be with you!